Category 6 STP RJ45 keystone 180 Degree, 360° shielded, tooless

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• Tooless termination
• Two back caps linked to the connector's body (no loose part)
• 360° shielding: direct contact with the cable ensured by an adjustable flange.
• Compact : compatible with a big part of face plate (28.25 mm)
• Universal keystone type
• Equipped with a translucent wire sorting insert bar to allow easy visual inspection of wiring
• Optimized printed circuit to improve high frequencies crosstalk performance
• Visibility of the code color to ensure a visual monitoring during connection
• Metal contact for the grounding on the patch panel 




IEC 60603-7-51

EIA/TIA 568-C.2

EN 60603-7-51

ISO 11801 Ed 2 Amd 2

FCC Part 68 subpart F

EN 50173-1

TIA 570-B

IEEE 802.3 af PoE

UL 18663

IEEE 802.3 at PoEP


Connection without tool by CAD

Bronze + platine / Cu + SnPb 80µ"

Solid and flexible conductor

From AWG26 to AWG22

Maximum insulation diameter

1.3 mm

Maximum cable diameter

8.5 mm


Bronze, platine Ni+Au 1.2µm

Metal body


Color code

T568A et T568B



Contact resistance

≤ 20 mΩ IEC 60512-2-1 Test 2a

Input/Output resistance

≤200 mΩ IEC 60512-2-1 Test 2a

Insulation resistance

≥ 500 MΩ à 100V d.c. IEC 60512-3-1Test 3a


≥ 1000V d.c. contact to contact

≥ 1500V d.c. contact to screen

(IEC 60512-4-1 Test 4a Method A)


≤ 0.175mA per conductor

Cycles of insertion

> 750

Operating voltage

≤ 72V d.c.

Capacity of power

≤ 30W

Disturbance of vibration

≤ 10µs (3 axis) (IEC 60512-4-1 Test 2e)

Order Information:
45- 384001-001, Cat.6 STP Keystone Jack 180 Degree